About Us:

studioSPACEnyc was founded in September of 2016 and since then has evolved from a being solely an installation art + design studio led by artist, Jacob M Fisher, into a multifaceted experiential art agency representing emerging and underrepresented artists. 

studioSPACEnyc works with our select group of artists to help them realize their marketability and value in the world of experiential art and design. studioSPACEnyc specializes in curating art and design assets for brand and experiential campaigns.  

studioSPACEnyc is now led by Director & Founder, Richard J. Heby, who will be managing and representing a group of artists tasked with creating interactive, experiential artwork that inspires engagement for brand and client campaigns..

When curating art and design assets, studioSPACEnyc continues to challenge convention by transforming the mundane into the spectacular. We redefine the way people interact with and experience their environments.

Through the concept and selection of artists curated by studioSPACEnyc, we facilitate experiences that viewers feel inclined to engage with and respond to through social media.These experiences create memorable moments. As viewers interact with these experiences, they generate personal content and thus create permanent artifacts of these moments.